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Vindication is mine!
May 8, 2009, 3:01 pm
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Bruce Dickinson: “Fellas, when we’re done here, y’all be wearing gold plated diapers.”

Blue Oyster Cult member: “What does that mean?”

BD: “Never question Bruce Dickinson!”

Today the team announced that Winter Hawks is being compacted into one word, Winterhawks. So I bring up the legendary SNL Behind the Music skit as a way of letting you know to never question the Hawks’ Nest blog.

When I started the blog last week, my first post had Winterhawks spelled as one word, and I even laid out exactly what we were doing…

-An announcement about a longstanding Winterhawks institution calling it a day. (hint: eagle-eyed readers can find a spoiler somewhere here in this space.)

 It was right there. But I absorbed the barbs and insults, most of which aren’t printable, secure in the knowledge that one day, vindication would be mine. That day is here. Nothing I write here is an accident, I always know what I’m talking about.

Well, except when I don’t.

But enough gloating. Obviously people want to know why we made this change after 33 years. The reason is simple: that’s how everyone assumes it’s written anyway. The vast majority of Web searches people do have ‘Winterhawks’ as one word. We figured that after 33 years of correcting people, maybe it’s just time to make the change, so we did.

It’s one of many changes you can expect in the coming months. We’ve begun the process of overhauling, and a new home page will be unveiled a little later this summer.

In addition, next season we’ll be doing away with the annual magazine, and instead producing nightly game programs with updated rosters, stats and feature stories.

There are a lot of other things in the hopper too, but we’re not quite ready to get into specifics yet. Suffice it to say, even though it’s the offseason, keep checking in with, this blog, Twitter and all the other sites we’re keeping up with to get all the latest.

On a separate note, Portland’s own Paul Gaustad, now with the Buffalo Sabres, swung by the office today. He just got back to town and came by to say hello to his old Winterhawks friends. His Buffalo teammate, goaltender Ryan Miller, is coming to town today to visit and will be staying with Gaustad for a few days. Miller had been in Anaheim watching his brother Drew in the Ducks’ playoff series against Detroit.


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Way to bow to the lowest common denominator! Lowering standards to match what’s expected, that’s definitely something we should aim for. *two thumbs up*

Comment by Mara

I’ve been a season ticket holder for seventeen years. The Hawks have spelled and misspelled their name through out that time — inconsistency was the norm. It’s nice to have people in charge who just might know how to market a product. Keep up the good work! And . . . Go Winterhawks Go!

Comment by Cindi

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