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The Day After
May 11, 2009, 3:15 pm
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After you get married, you spend a few weeks enduring dozens of well-meaning, yet annoying, “So, how’s married life?” questions.

Either people figure that a ceremonial exchange of rings in an elaborate, yet wholly unnecessary ritual transforms your home life into a bacchanalian existence complete with non-stop parties, excitement and frivolity, or it’s just a harmless way of making small talk when they have no other material to work with.

Answering it is tough, because the question ignores the fact that nothing much changes on a day-to-day basis from the day before you got married to the day after.

To that end, getting married is sort of what it’s like today in Day 1 since the name change: technically different, but not really. Apart from having to remember that Winterhawks is no longer two words when we’re typing it, it doesn’t really change how we’re doing business on a day-to-day basis. Well, except maybe our merchandise manager of course.

But the change was necessary, and not only are we embracing it, but we got mostly positive feedback from both the media and our fans. It seems people are ready to embrace a new era both on and off the ice.

To that end, as I mentioned last week, we’re also in the early stages of re-doing the website. If all goes well, we’ll be rolling out the new look in about eight weeks, in plenty of time for the start of training camp in August.

We have a lot of ideas planned for the site, and a lot of work to do between now and then, but we’d also like to hear from you. What features do you want to see on the site that you haven’t seen before? What have you seen other teams do on their sites that you’d like to see on

Let us know in the comments section how we can make a better place for you.


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I remember seeing one of the other WHL teams sites has a link to the highlights from the teams last game. If you miss the game live or over the internet, home or away, you can still catch the game highlights at the teams site. I thought that was a really great idea.

Comment by Donna R

1) Video, video, video.
As the Donna R pointed out, most other teams have it, and it’s a great tool.

You need to have a decent, easy navigation system (no pull-down menus) without having the ENTIRE SITE in links down the side. Hire someone (if there isn’t one in place already) who has done a site that WASN’T hosted AOL in 1995.

The Hawks’ store is probably the worst I’ve ever seen. Get products on there, get a reliable oredering system, and MAKE IT LOOK PROFESSIONAL. The basement of the MC does not make a suitable background for your stuff; having a hat on the floor next to a brick wall doesn’t make anyone want to buy it. I assume this (merch) is one of the few areas where the Hawks can make money without a cut going to the Blazers. USE IT!

4) Update Info (and do it correctly)
It seems that the new PR has taken care of this already… but stories need to be broken in a timely professional way. No typos, no broken sentences. Don’t make us get our Hawks news from Canadian columnists!

5) Exclusive info
Aside from (possibly) buying tickets, ask yourselves “Why should someone come to this site?” Get info, promotions, videos, etc that can’t be found anywhere else. Give people a reason to use the site. On-site game-day chat rooms, for example. Message boards.

Good luck with the overhaul… it can’t get much worse than it is, but we’ve all said that before, eh?

Comment by Dan

Thanks for the comments. We are working on making video a bigger component of the site. How much that will be remains to be seen, but we are working on it. We’ll also have user-friendly navigation, and we’re revamping the team store site.

As for updated info, that’s certainly a priority as well. We’re getting press releases up as soon as they come out, and during the season and this site will be updated regularly.

Thanks very much for the suggestions, and keep ’em coming.


Comment by portlandwinterhawks

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