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Nino’s back
January 6, 2010, 6:14 pm
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The camaraderie of this year’s team was never more evident than towards the end of practice today.

After traveling back from Saskatchewan all day, Nino* arrived at the Coliseum as the Winterhawks were winding up practice. When the players saw him, they mobbed him. Every player came over and hugged him and congratulated him for his success at the tournament. They couldn’t have been happier for his success.

It was a great moment that encapsulated how close this team is. These guys genuinely like each other, and root for each other’s success. Even when Luke Walker comes back with his gold medal and starts giving the Canadians on the team the business, they’ll be happy for him.

Speaking of Nino, check out KGW’s 6 and 11 p.m. newscasts tonight. Joe Becker was at practice today and interviewed Mike Johnston along with Nino, Brad Ross and Ryan Johansen for a story about their line’s success this season. We’ll be in a few other places with the media this week as well, which I’ll post once we confirm a few things.

*From now on, I bestow Nino the honor of going by one name. He’s earned it.


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Walker giving the canadians the business? oh really, technically he is canadian. ask his parents.

Comment by jerry

True, but he won gold for the USA, and hockey players never miss an opportunity to take advantage of bragging rights.

Comment by portlandwinterhawks

about curtis mucha at the game last wensday I know that had to be hard for him and it showed on his face as a few in the crowd cheered for him and when he got the 3rd star of the night and was leaving the ice he seemed to be crying I truly miss him and think it was the biggest mistake they made. just my opinion lol winterhawks i love you and keep up your hard work it seems to be paying off go hawks

Comment by cindy

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