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February 18, 2010, 6:24 pm
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Imagine my surprise when I went to my corner of the Intertubes and realized it had been eight days since my last post. Uh, yeah, sorry about that.  There was the excitement of qualifying for the playoffs last week, then I had Friday off, then we had the afternoon game Monday, and then Tuesday was playing catchup, and blah blah blah.

I’d like to say my eight-day absence won’t happen again, but I think we all know better. So to all my loyal readers (Hi Dad!), my apologies for this, and all future disappearances.

It’s a different world from the one we knew last Wednesday. We clinched a playoff spot, traveled to Prince George and swept the two games there, came home and lost a wild shootout* against Moose Jaw then suffered a tough loss last night in Everett. In the meantime, the standings are more volatile than the I-5 bridge crossing project. Even though we’ve won five of our last seven games, Everett jumped back ahead of us by a point while Spokane is on a tear and is just a point behind us for fourth.

(*Ever since hockey adopted shootouts following scoreless overtimes, it’s wreaked havoc with using the word shootout when describing a high-scoring game, particularly when the goal differential is just one. Did no one check with media types when making that decision? What am I supposed to call those games now?)

At any rate, Everett and Spokane both have two games in hand on the Hawks, which will likely be made up very soon. The Hawks play just two games over the next eight days, which should give them some time to rest their legs for what promises to be a wild finish to the season. Three games left with Tri-Cities and one apiece with Spokane and Everett as they try to secure home ice for at least the first round of the playoffs, hopefully more.

The next game is Saturday against Kelowna, with a couple of fun things going on. There’s an auction for the game-worn Buckaroo jerseys. It starts with a silent auction before and during the game, and then the highest bid during the silent auction is the starting point for a live auction after the game. If you can’t make the game, there will be a special treat on the radio as Dean Vrooman will return to the broadcast booth to fill in for Andy Kemper, who will miss the game to attend a family event.

And watch next week for the announcement of the inaugural Hall of Fame inductees, for the game that will be taking place March 6.


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