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Live chat tonight
March 24, 2010, 2:46 pm
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Computer wizard and known lothario Graham Kendrick sets up for tonight's live chat.

Over the last week or so, my son has become difficult at bedtime. What used to be a fairly simple process of halfheartedly reading Curious George for the 5,982nd time, turning on his Nirvana Rockabye Baby CD, flipping off the light and flopping onto the couch to watch Friday Night Lights for the rest of the evening has turned into an ordeal that involves multiple jail breaks from his bedroom, screaming (him), tears (me) and general unpleasantness.

I was fine with this arrangement over the weekend when we had back-to-back home games and my wife was flying solo in dealing with him. But having been home the last few nights and actually having to deal with it has been less than ideal.

Actually, it’s been brutal.

So I needed an out for tonight, and came up with a beauty: a live chat.

“Sorry dear,” I said to my wife. “The team’s in the playoffs for the first time in 4 years and the bosses think I should get fans together for a live chat on our website. Game starts at 7, so I’m out for the bedtime routine tonight. Good luck.”

Nevermind that it was my idea, not my bosses’. It’s genius. So while she’s waging an hour-long battle royal with an obstinate toddler, I’ll be hunkered down at the computer and telling her to keep it down while I watch playoff hockey on the livestream. Sounds like a pretty good arrangement to me.

So if you’re listening to the game on Freedom 970, watching the live stream or are looking for an excuse to get away from a misbehaving child, make sure you come by and hang out. It’ll be fun.

To help get you ready for the game, we have a few links to check out. The Oregonian has a preview piece that appeared in print today, while the Tribune also has an article on their Web site. Mike Johnston did a live interview with Strong at Night on 95.5 The Game yesterday, while Nino Niederreiter was a guest on the Junior Hockey Magazine Radio Show syndicated throughout Canada (download the Mar. 19 podcast). The Spokesman-Review out of Spokane also has a piece looking at tonight’s game from the Chiefs’ standpoint. Of course, we had our own interview at with Mike Johnston before the team boarded the bus yesterday as well.

Anyway, hope you can join in the fun tonight.


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I am thinking you will(justifiably)be responsible for the next few nights of bedtime duty with your toddler while your wife takes a bubble bath or something. I wanted to tell you I enjoyed the chat tonight. That wuld be a nice addition in the future. I am so happy our boys beat Spokane tonight and I so appreciate your keen sense of humor Here’s hoping the next two games go in our favor as well!

Comment by Lana

smoking is bad… um k…

Comment by bonghit1


Glad you enjoyed the chat. We’ll see about doing it again tomorrow, if for no other reason it gets me out of bedtime duty with my son.

Comment by portlandwinterhawks

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