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To chat or not to chat? *Updated
March 31, 2010, 11:14 am
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Getting the home office ready for a possible Game 7 live chat

*4 p.m. Update: Heck with it, let’s do it.

So, to chat or not to chat for tonight’s deciding Game 7? Granted, doing live chats for the three previous games in Spokane seemed to bring good luck and it might be foolish to deviate from that.

But now that the game will be shown live on FSN Northwest, part of me wants to just sit on my couch and watch it alone. I’m generally a pretty mild-mannered guy, but I don’t handle elimination games well. Both remote controls and expletives start flying. I wake up my son with screams of joy and anguish. I’m a mess. After the Canucks lost Game 6 in Chicago last year, I had to take a 90-minute walk afterwards to gather my thoughts.

So the thought of keeping a level head while trying to run a live chat seems daunting. Let me run through the pros and cons.

Pro: We were 3-0 in Spokane while doing live chats.

Con: I won’t be emotionally stable during the game.

Pro: People seemed to enjoy the live chat when we did them.

Con: There might be less people in the chat if they’re watching on TV instead of at their computer.

Pro: Andy Kemper was dropping by the chats during intermissions to give his take on the games.

Con: Todd Vrooman was dropping by the chats during intermissions to give his take on the games.

Pro: It gets me out of having to partake in my toddler son’s bedtime routine, which is about a 90-minute process most nights right now.

Con: Actually, there’s no downside to not being a part of that.

Pro: I could probably duck out of work a bit early to make sure I’m home in time to get the chat up and running in time.

Con: I have to keep the chat running in the intermissions, when normally I’d spend that time scanning the rosters of my fantasy baseball league.

So I’m torn. If you have any thoughts on the matter, leave them in the comments.


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Chat, please!! Can’t break the streak and we can celebrate, NOT comiserate, together.

Comment by Lana

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