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Checking In; New Blog Series *Updated
April 21, 2010, 1:49 pm
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It’s been a week since the season ended in heartbreaking fashion with the team’s Game 6 loss to Vancouver. Since then the coaches have held their exit interviews with the players, who have now dispersed for the summer, and we’ve moved our offices around in the Coliseum.

On the personal front (since I know you’re all wondering) I’ve made a trip to Vancouver for a few days, have lost sleep at night cursing the Canucks’ impotent penalty kill, and spent more time than I’d care to admit wishing the Mariners hadn’t brought back washed-up team mascot beloved legend Ken Griffey Jr. for another farewell tour.

Also in that time, my blog readership has plummeted. As such, it’s time for a gimmick to boost the readership numbers! And not even an original one! Another WHL team who shall not be named is currently running an article on their website listing their top victories of the season. I liked the idea, so I’m stealing it.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll count down the top-5 Winterhawks’ victories of the 2009-10 season. Where will the team’s 6-5 win over Prince George in the preseason rank? There’s only one way to find out.

Check back tomorrow for the start of the countdown with #5.

Update: In going through the various wins this season, I was expecting a top-five with 3-4 honorable mentions. Instead I came up with 12 honorable mentions. Between the top-five and now 12 honorable mentions, that will account for 17 of the team’s 50 combined regular season/playoff wins. But I stand by my list.

So the honorable mentions will be tomorrow, and the top-five will start Thursday instead.


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In all honesty, that 6-5 preseason shootout victory against Prince George may merit consideration for how freakin entertaining it was… Crazy game to watch, and some of the prettiest goals I saw all year… That’s what happens when neithr team decided to play defense

Comment by toddvrooman

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